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About Mini Sett


Mini Sett was created through my first hand experience with my daughter Mala, and realising that once she could sit up on her own, around 5 months, she needed a little chair or mini sofa to have her bottle (but not fall off), flip through a book or chat to her teddies; enabling me five minutes to do something else (usually visit the loo on my own!). All that was available in the marketplace, was big, pink, plastic and with characters (which was not my style), and I wanted a product that would look fashionably stylish in our living room, or finish off a gorgeous children's bedroom.  This is where the idea for the mini kid's sofa came about, so I had some samples made to test my thinking and asked a group of my mummy friends to crash test them. All the kids loved their own sofa (it was hard to take them back) and it afforded mums, a bit of quiet time - which we are all grateful for. 

Today, Mala uses the mini sofa everyday; sitting up to practice her reading, doing role plays with dolls, lying down to watch tv / iPad, or just snuggling up with a blanket. The hand drawn illustrations and neutral colour palette, finish off any children's bedroom and are a wonderful addition to any modern stylish living room.     


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